Juice Bottle Bird Feeder

Leftover Juicy Juice® bottles don’t have to go to waste when you can create an adorable and useful craft your kids will love. These do-it-yourself bird feeders are perfect for any outdoor space, big or small. Here’s how you make them:


  1. Gather your materials – you’ll need a leftover Juicy Juice® 64oz bottle, two extra Juicy Juice® bottle caps, nontoxic kid-friendly paint, a paintbrush, googly eyes, a popsicle stick, a piece of twine and birdseed!
    Juicy Juice carton craft
  2. Make v-shaped slits on both sides of the bottle and cut out a square towards the bottom of the front. Make sure that the square is large enough to fit the birdseed.bird3
  3. Attach two bottle caps to the top of the bottle. Paint the bottle and the bottle caps any color your kids like. Once the paint is dry, attach googly eyes to the bottle caps. Add any embellishments, like a beak, with a different color of paint.

  1. Attach twine to the top of the feeder and a popsicle stick at the bottom for the birds to perch on. Hang your feeder and wait for the birds to pay your home a visit!