Juicy Bookmark Buddies

It’s always nice to add personal flair to your back-to-school supplies. Whether our Bookmark Buddies are used for reading or taking notes, they will add a burst of color to the paper. Plus, your little ones will get the added pride of regularly using something they made.

Step 1: Gather your materials. You will need:

Paperclips (we chose the colorful ones)
Empty Juicy Juice individual juice boxes of your favorite flavor
Ribbon (we recommend various colors)
Safety scissors

Step 2
Use your scissors to cut the fruit images out of your juice boxes. Adults may want to help with this step.

Step 3

Cut pieces of ribbon about 6 inches in length. Thread your ribbons through the paperclips and then tie knots to anchor each one on the paperclip. Use tape to attach your fruit cutouts to the paperclip and ribbon. Be sure to tape where the ribbons are tied to keep the bookmark secure. Feel free to use extra tape; wrapping it around the fruit cutout can give it extra stability.

Step 4

Grab your little one’s favorite book and let them enjoy your new Bookmark Buddies! Also be sure to encourage them to share their nifty creations with school friends!