Juicy Egg Shakers

After the Easter egg hunt is over and the little ones are done tallying up their prizes, they usually discard the eggs. We have the perfect craft to recycle the eggs and give them more shelf life: Juicy Egg Shakers! It’s a fun way to make a little holiday music with your little ones.

Step 1: Gather your materials. You will need leftover plastic eggs, plastic spoons, tape and rice. We had some black rice in the pantry, but you can use any hard grain such as oats, loose tea, white rice, or beans.
Maraca craft supplies

Step 2: Take your shaker and fill each egg a little less than half way with your filling. Snap the top of the egg to the bottom part and make sure it’s secured with a piece of tape.

Step 3: Now it’s time to build your Juicy Shaker. Place your egg in between two plastic spoons as shown below. You want to ensure that the bottom of each spoon is facing out. As you grip the spoons wrap a rubber band around the top and bottom part of the spoon handle. Be sure to loop the rubber band until it is snug around the spoons. If your egg seems loose between the spoons, use a long piece of tape to wrap around the middle of the egg and spoons.
maracas3Everyone grab a shaker or two and make your very own Juicy jingle. Remember to award extra points plus a Juicy Juice® for fun dance moves and big smiles.