Juicy Hanging Icicle Craft

Icicles are beautiful, but it’s pretty difficult to enjoy them inside the house. Luckily, we came up with this beautiful icicle decoration for inside the home — don’t worry, they won’t melt when the heater turns on. This craft is great for a day inside and can teach some valuable lessons about mixing colors. Go ahead and share your icicles with us on social media!

1 pack ice pop sticks
Non-toxic glue
Non-toxic white paint
Non-toxic blue paint
Paper towels or newspaper
Paint mixing containers

Step One:
Gather your materials. Make sure you cover your crafting area with the paper towels or spare newspapers. Line up your ice pop sticks in a row, like they will look on the string. Next, use your paintbrush to mix your paints until you have a nice ice blue shade. Remember, the sticks are only going to get lighter from here on, so make sure you will be able to make an easy transition.

Step Two:
Using your new ice blue mixture, paint one half of each ice pop stick. Once you have finished this, wash off your brush and load it with white paint. Next, paint the unpainted end of each ice pop stick white and run it along two-thirds of the stick. You will start to see the colors blend into a light blue. Once you are satisfied with the blend, complete it on your other ice pop sticks until they are all the same gradient. Let them dry. Some people enjoy mixing two shades of blue and making an easy transition between the two blues and white. Let us know your favorite method!

Step Three:
Once your ice pop sticks have dried, paint the other side the same way. Set to dry.

Step Four:
Once your sticks are dry on both sides, pick the side you will glue your string to so you can hang the banner. Then, start adding glue to the sticks and pressing the string to the glue. Watch to make sure the glue is in the same place on each stick and not dripping onto the table below! Be careful not to glue the sticks to the surface that the string is resting on. You will also want to ensure that you give a little space between each stick on the line so they can fan out and create a lovely banner.

Step Five:
Let your icicles dry overnight, and hang them up in the morning!