Juicy Juice Bottle Cap Aquarium

From fish tanks in the dentist’s office to seashell collections from every beach trip, kids are always fascinated by underwater creatures. That’s why this colorful craft is always big hit! Learn how to make it below:

  1. Gather your materials. You’ll need juice bottle caps (try saving up from at least four or five Juicy Juice bottles for this craft), markers, construction paper in various colors, googly eyes and a glue stick.

  1. Because Juicy Juice bottle caps are white, they are simple to color on. Make colorful patterns on the caps using markers. The designs can be anything you like so let your child’s imagination run wild!

3. Cut triangular tails from construction paper using kid-friendly scissors.

  1. Using the glue stick, attach one tail and one googly eye to the front of each bottle cap. Place them on a blue construction paper background. Cut out additional bubbles, seaweed or any other details you see fit.

  1. Voila – a colorful and delightful bottle cap aquarium your kids will want to show off to teachers and friends!