Juicy Juice Desk Organizer

Juicy Juice Desk Organizer
With school in session and homework assignments on the way, we’re sure you’ll need to keep your little one’s supplies organized. You don’t have to find expensive desk organizers for all your crafting and storage needs. At Juicy Juice, we love finding creative ways to reuse our Juicy Juice boxes, and we are especially excited about our Juicy Juice Desk Organizer! With our clutter solution, you can organize their supplies exactly how you need them while having fun.

Juicy Juice boxes (empty and dried)
Small cardboard box (from everyday grocery items such as a used tissue box.)

Wrapping, decorative or scrapbooking paper
Cardboard tube from paper towel roll
Cardboard tube from toilet paper roll

Step One

Gather your materials.

Step Two
Cut your Juicy Juice boxes and cardboard tubes to the heights you need. We recommend cutting the boxes higher for longer objects like pencils, rulers and markers, and lower for smaller items like binder clips, chalk, and crayons.

Step Three

When you have cut your boxes to the heights you need, you can then paint and wrap them. We recommend mixing patterns to give your desk organizer a fun and vibrant appearance.

Step Three
Once you have decorated the boxes you can now decorate your larger box. We chose to wrap our larger box in plain paper, and paste cutouts of the patterned paper on the front. Once you have finished your base box, start inserting your other boxes and tubes in any arrangement you prefer. Make sure all the parts of your desk organizer fit snugly inside your larger box. You may need to add some filler paper or cardboard to keep all your dividers in place. Once you have finished arranging everything, your desk organizer is complete! We hope your Juicy Juice Desk Organizer will make crafting a breeze!