Juicy Juice Love Bugs

Fall in love with the cutest Valentine’s Day craft. Our Juicy Juice Love Bugs are perfect for you and your little to try together. They also make a great valentine for close friends or classmates!


  • An unopened box of Juicy Juice
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Colorful pipe cleaner
  • Colorful construction paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Colorful gems
  • Mini pom pom balls

love bug supplies. An unopened box of Juicy Juice, Scissors, Glue sticks, Colorful pipe cleaner, Colorful construction paper, Googly eyes, Colorful gems, Mini pom pom balls.


Adults, this step requires some cutting so we’re going to need you!

– Cut a piece of construction paper to fit around the length and width of your juice box.

– Cut your pipe cleaner a few inches long – the length you’d want for the antennae.

– Cut out hearts in various sizes and colors for the wings and antennae toppers.

Repeat this step for however many Love Bug Juice Boxes you’re making.

cut contstruction paper to fit around Juicy Jucie box, with cut paper in wing shapes, glued to pipe cleaner


Wrap your juice box with the construction paper and glue the ends together. While that dries, we’re going to do the antennae and wings.

We recommend gluing on the antennea toppers to the pipe cleaner first and letting that dry separately. Then attach your antennae and wings to your Love Bug before decorating.

young children making their Juicy Juice love bugs
young children making their Juicy Juice love bugs drinking juicy juicy and smiling. One love bug is sitting on the table already completed


Once the antennae and wings are glued on securely, lay your Love Bug down flat and get creative with eyes, nose and any other flair you like!

young children making their Juicy Juice love bugs drinking juicy juicy and smiling. One child is gluing the attenae onto their love bug


If you’re gifting these as valentines, write your message on the back of your bug. Or if you made your Love Bugs just for yourself, you can enjoy your Juicy Juice 100% juice now!

completed pink, purple, and red love bugs.

young children smiling with their love bug creations