Juicy Juice Love Monsters

AHH! There’s a monster in your kitchen! Oh wait, they’re Juicy Juice Love Monsters! You and your littles will have a SCARY good time crafting these adorable, Valentine’s Day-themed monsters!


  • Juicy Juice Box (6.75 oz)
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Googly Eyes
  • Heart Stickers
  • Pink and Red Construction Paper
  • String
  • Tape
  • Hole Punch

All of the love monsters craft supplies. Includes a juicy juicy box, wrapping paper, googly eyes, heart stickers, pink and red construciton paper, string, tape, and a hole punch.


Let your little crafter pick out which paper designs they want to use. Then cut a strip of the paper to fit around your Juicy Juice box.

A cut strip of wrapping paper wrapped around the juicy juice box


Wrap the paper around your Juicy Juice box and fasten at the back with tape.

Now for some face-shape fun! Cut out some mouth shapes from your construction paper. There are so many expressions to try: smiles, frowns, shock! Play around with different mouth shapes and then select some googly eyes to place on your heart stickers.

the wrapped juicy juice pouch with a mouth cut out and stickers and googly eyes placed on


Aww, they look SO COOL! We love your monsters very much! We bet you do too – so let’s make sure to personalize them!

Cut out a heart shape from your construction paper (or any shape you like best) and write your child’s name across it. Make a hole at the top with your hole-punch and then thread a string through one side and tie the two string ends together.

Tip: This part is especially important if you’re making these for your child’s class.

heart monters with name tags. a heart shaped cutout with string looped through a hole to create a name tag


The last step is to tape your straw (very important) and your personalized name shape, at the back of your Juicy Juice Love Monster.

That’s it, you’re done! Go ahead and put your Love Monster in the fridge to bring to school with you and show off to all your friends on Valentine’s Day.

finished heart monsters
Two young kids holding up their finished heart monsters and drinking Juicy Juice 100% juice