Juicy Juice Piggy Bank

Not only are they absolutely adorable, but piggy banks are also a fun and simple way to get kids counting, adding and subtracting on their own. Don’t waste money on toy store piggy banks; make your own instead, using supplies you can find in your craft drawer and an empty Juicy Juice 100% juice bottle. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Gather your materials. You’ll need a few sheets of pink and white construction paper, a glue stick, loose change and a bottle of Juicy Juice 100% juice. Make sure to rinse the empty bottle before using!

Piggybank craft supplies

  1. Carefully remove the label from the bottle. Then, using child-proof safety scissors cut a horizontal strip from the pink paper that can cover the base of the bottle all the way around. Also cut out two ears and two small nostrils as shown below. Finally, without the help of your kids, puncture the top of the bottle and cut out a small rectangle that will serve as the coin slot.


  1. Using your glue stick, attach the pink strip to the base of the bottle. Next, glue on the ears and nostrils. For an additional touch, you can make eyes using a black marker and a tail with a curled pipe cleaner.


  1. Show your kids that they can place loose change into the coin slot at the top of the bank. When they are ready to use it, simply unscrew the bottle cap and pour it out.