Juicy Polar Bear Pals

So it’s too cold for your little ones to go outside, and they can’t sit still. We’ve got you covered with the perfect indoor craft that feels like a far-off adventure. Our Polar Bear Juice Boxes will keep your little ones excited about winter.

You’ll Need:
Our Polar Bear Pal template (here)
Large white pom-pom balls
Small black pom-pom balls
Medium sized googly eyes
Pink marker
Juicy Juice Juice Boxes (empty, clean, and dry) 

Step One:
Gather your materials.
Step Two:
Cut out your template, which you will use to wrap your Juicy Juice boxes. Take your pink marker and color in the ears to make them more vibrant. Feel free to do the same with the mouth or give him and extra large grin if you want!

Step Three:
Your Polar Bear already comes with an illustrated nose, eyes and a mouth, but to go above and beyond, place and glue a large white pom-pom where your polar bear’s snout is. When the pom-pom is secure, glue your black pom-pom to the white one for the polar bear’s nose. Finally, glue your polar bear’s googly eyes.

Step Four:
Align the face of your Juicy Polar Bear with the front of your juice box. Lie your juice box face up on the table and begin folding all sides away from you, wrapping the juice box with the template. Secure the template with a few pieces of tape on the back of your juice box and one beneath your juice box (on the bottom). This will adhere the template to your juice box.jui16153_dec19d_fb

Enjoy your new furry friends and be sure to display them with all your holiday decorations!