Juicy Snowmen

What’s cooler than a refreshing juice box? An ice cold refreshing Juicy Juice™ box snowman! Try this fun and easy craft activity to dress up your kids’ juice like a charming snowman for lunch. Inspire them to build their own to take out in the snow!

  • Step 1: Gather your materials. Your will need:
    • Black, white, and orange construction paper;
    • A pair of scissors
    • Ribbon (colors of your choosing)
    • Glue or a glue stick.


  • Step 2: Carefully cut from the black construction paper 7 small circles (5 to make the mouth, 2 for the eyes) and one top hat. From the orange construction paper cut a slim triangle, this will be your snowman’s nose!


  • Step 3: Wrap the Juicy Juice box with white construction paper, be sure to leave the top of the box unwrapped so that you can still drink from the box! Next, glue on the snowman’s face and top hat. Tie a small piece of ribbon around the center of the juice box (right under the snowman’s smile) for that heart-melting final touch!


  • Step 4: Place your snowmen in a winter wonderland scene and watch them come to life – if you’re lucky!

Snowman juice box craft