Juicy Thanksgiving Owls

Want to add more flare to the kids’ table at Thanksgiving? You can decorate Juicy Juice boxes with our cute owl Thanksgiving wrap cut-outs! They not only serve as colorful centerpieces, but they make drinking Juicy Juice even more festive. Sounds like a wise choice to us!

You’ll Need

Three of your little ones’ favorite Juicy Juice flavors in the 6.75 oz box
A pair of safety scissors
Our Juicy Thanksgiving Owls template

Step One:
Gather your materials.
thanksgivingsteps1Step Two:
Cut out your Thanksgiving Owl templates from your print-outs.
thanksgivingsteps2Step Three:
Align the face of your Thanksgiving Owls with the front of your juice box. Lie your juice box face down on the table and begin folding all sides up towards you, essentially wrapping the juice box with the template. Secure the template with a few pieces of tape on the back of your juice box and one beneath your juice box (on the bottom). This will adhere the template to your juice box.
jui16150-nov19_thanksgivingboxwrapsstep3_fbStep Four:
Your Thanksgiving Owls are now ready to pleasantly perch on the kiddie table!