Leprechaun Spotting Binoculars

Spotting leprechauns is a demanding job, and it takes the right equipment to get the best results. We developed these precise leprechaun binoculars made of materials you have right at home. We hope this craft helps you find leprechauns, and we wish you the best of luck!

2 Juicy Juice boxes or toilet paper rolls
Green construction paper
Pipe Cleaners (we chose green)
String (we chose orange)
Glitter Glue or paint

Step One
Gather your materials.

Step Two

Take your empty Juicy Juice boxes and unfold the tabs on the bottom and top. Then, shape the Juicy Juice box into a cylinder. You may need to cut any tabs that poke out. After that, measure the length of construction paper you will need to cover the tubes. Next, cut the length of construction paper you will need, making sure to leave some paper to tuck into the ends of the tubes. Tape the ends down inside the tubes and tape down the long edges.

Step Three

Next, decorate your tube with glitter glue or paint. You’re going on a magical quest, so have a lot of fun with your designs. Next, get some pipe cleaners and cut them to the circumference of the tube’s ends. Shape the pipe cleaners to the ends of the tubes and tape them into place, making sure to cover the ends of the wires.

Step Four

Once you’ve finished decorating the tubes, tape them together side by side. So your binoculars don’t get too far from you, we suggest creating a neck strap with a piece of string. We measured the length we needed to comfortably fit around our necks, and then we punched holes in the binoculars and tied the string to keep it secure. Once you have completed this step, you are done! Go out there and find some leprechauns.