Let it “Snow”-men Launchers

Recycling Styrofoam is good for the environment, doing crafts with your kids is good for the soul. Kill two birds with one stone and create these Styrofoam cup snowmen with your little ones in minutes. Then let them play with them and launch “snow” (cotton balls) even when it’s unseasonably warm!

  • Step 1: Gather your materials. You will need:
    • Styrofoam cups
    • Cotton balls
    • Medium-sized balloons
    • Construction paper
    • Safety Scissors
    • Glue stick


  • Step 2: Use the safety scissors to cut each item into the shapes below. Cut the bottom out of the Styrofoam cups. Cut the balloons in half. Cut the black construction paper into small circles that will form the eyes and mouth of the snowmen. Cut the orange paper into small triangles that will become the nose of the snowmen.


  • Step 3: Assemble your snowmen launchers. Use the tops of the balloons to create a hat for the snowmen. They should easily stretch across the tops of the Styrofoam cups. Attach the eyes and nose pieces in your desired design.


  • Step 4: Turn your snowmen launchers upside down and insert a cotton ball.


  • Step 5: Pull the balloon hat down slightly to create tension, release to launch the “snowball” cotton ball into the air. Repeat and enjoy for an afternoon of fun.