Let It Snow Treat Jars

Looking for a handmade gift you can make together with your kids? Our “Let It Snow” Treat Jar is an easy to make, thoughtful gift from your kids to their grandparents or teachers.


  • Mason jars (Regular mouth)
  • Small 1″ snowflake or other holiday ornaments
  • One (1) 70mm clear Plastic Acrylic Fillable Ball Ornament (1 ornament makes 2 lids, get extra ornaments for more jars)
  • Small pack of fake snow
  • Small pack of cotton balls
  • Glue gun (Adults only)
  • Ribbon
  • The recipient’s favorite snack, for this craft, we are using granola with mixed nuts and dried cranberries


First pop the center of the mason jar cap off and set it aside for now, keeping only the circular edge of the cap. Then, using the hot glue gun (this step is for adult’s only!), attach one half of the clear plastic ornament ball to the mason jar cap. Make sure to give it a minute to dry.


Now take a cotton ball, flatten and stretch it, so that you have a flat piece of cotton. Then, take the mason jar cap you popped out and gently hot glue the flattened cotton ball to cover the top of it.


Once you’ve done this, fill the plastic ornament cap with your fake snow.


Don’t forget to fill your mason jar with some granola and nuts! Once you’ve filled it, combine your cotton covered cap and your plastic top and gently place it on top of the mason jar. Then, tie a ribbon around the side of the lid to complete your gift!