Lucky Leprechaun Craft

St Patrick’s Day can be a fun holiday for you and your little ones. We put together an interactive craft that get to get kids jumping for joy, clicking their heels and smiling for the camera. Take photos of your little ones dressed up as festive Lucky Leprechauns and share them with us on Facebook!

Step 1: Gather your materials. You will need colored construction paper, a washable glue stick, a pen or washable marker, tape and wooden craft sticks. You can also replace the wooden craft sticks with popsicle sticks or wooden drink stirrers.

Step 2: Begin by sketching the basic shapes of your Lucky Leprechaun kit. Your shapes do not need to be perfect and feel free to use whichever colors you wish. Who ever said that Leprechauns only have orange beards? Cut out your shapes after sketching and place the shapes that go together nearby each other. Glue the gold coins to the back of the black pot, the rainbow arches to the clouds and the buckle and band to the green top hat.
stpatricks2Step 3: Once you have glued all the right pieces together. It’s now time to attach the stick so that the little ones can hold their new creations. Lay a wooden stick on the back of each creation and tape it well at the top and at the bottom. You can add a third piece of tape for extra sturdiness.
stpatricks3Now the fun really begins! Grab different combinations of the props you just made and have a Lucky Leprechaun photo shoot! Encourage silliness and share your little Lucky Leprechauns with us on Facebook. We can’t wait to see!