Magic Firefly Bottle

Fireflies can be hard to catch, but these Magic Firefly Bottles are easy to make! Try creating one for a summer evening and you will absolutely wow your kids. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Gather your materials. You’ll need a leftover Juicy Juice bottle in any size (48 oz, 64 oz or 96 oz), a package of glitter and 10 or so glow sticks.

  1. Shake the glow sticks vigorously to light them and place them inside the bottle. Then, pour the entire package of glitter into the bottle carefully. Seal the cap tightly on the bottle and shake so the glitter can get everywhere. Make sure to warn your kids not to open the bottle to keep the glitter from escaping.

  1. Bring the bottle outside and watch your child’s face fill with awe! The cool glow should last eight or so hours.