Make Your Own Bubble Blowers

When the air is warm and everyone’s ready to play, there’s just nothing like that simple joy of blowing bubbles. As any parent knows, there’s just one problem with this—not enough bubble blowers to go around. Luckily, we’ve found the perfect way to make a fun craft that proves that nothing is more exciting than making bubbles with something you created yourself!

Bubbles (any brand will do)
Your favorite color pipe cleaners

Step 1.
Use your scissors to cut each pipe cleaner into two equal halves.

Bead on pipe cleaner
Step 2.
Thread a bead over one end of a pipe cleaner. Bend that end back around the bead and twist it onto the pipe cleaner to hold the bead in place.

Beads on pipe cleaner
Step 3.
Create your bubble blower’s handle by threading on more beads until the pipe cleaner is nearly filled up. Try mixing up the colors of your beads to create a fun pattern.

Step 4.
Make a hoop by twisting a new piece of pipe cleaner into a circle, then twist both of its ends around the exposed tip your bubble blower handle to secure the two pieces together.

Step 5.
Now your bubble wand is ready for some fun in the sun! Just dip the hooped end into your bubble liquid and watch your little ones create some unforgettable memories!