Making Brown Bags a Hoot

You may have noticed that owls have quickly become the “it” animal on everything from bedding to backpacks for our little ones. Catch owl fever by bringing your kids’ favorite animal into their lunch routine. Here’s how you do it!

  1. Gather your materials. All you need is a sheet each of brown, orange, and white construction paper; a brown paper bag; scissors (of the childproof variety if your kids are helping); tape; and a black marker.

  1. Lay your lunch bag with the fold facing up. Make sure the side of the bag with the opening is closest to you. Then, cut all the parts you will need from the construction paper.

  1. This includes two wings and a triangular face from the brown paper, an oval tummy and beak from the orange, and two eyeballs from the white. Make sure the face fits into the square fold of the lunch bag.

  1. Attach each part by folding each piece of tape from end-to-end, creating a double-sided adhesive. Once every part is securely attached, draw eyes using your marker. Feel free to add cute flourishes like eyelashes.

Picture of brown paper bag and construction paper cutouts

5.    Voila! Now the owl is ready for a day of play.

Owl puppet craft