Glam Pasta Necklaces

A fun jewelry craft moms can make with their kids all year round. With these steps, we’ll teach you a few tricks to glam up this classic so you and your little ones can make a memorable craft together!

Paper plates
Several shades of paint
Pink ribbon
Several small paint brushes
Penne pasta
Silver glitter
Parchment paper

Step 1.
Using one paint brush to hold a piece of pasta, use a second brush to paint the entire noodle.

Step 2.
Pour a bit of glitter onto a paper plate, then use a brush to roll your painted noodle immediately until it’s completely covered in glitter.

Step 3.
Complete steps 1-2 with several pieces of pasta and then place each noodle onto a sheet of parchment paper to dry overnight.

Step 4. Measure your pink ribbon around your neck and trim it to your desired length.
Woman cutting ribbon

Step 5.
Once your pasta is dry, begin threading it piece by piece onto your ribbon.

Step 6.
Once you’ve added all your pasta, tie a cute bow to hold it all together.

Step 7.
Now you’re ready to show off your gorgeous new piece of jewelry!