My Own Zoo

What You Need

  • Stuffed animals
  • Plastic animals (must be larger than 1¾ inches)
  • Small boxes, containers, and berry crates in a variety of sizes
  • Pieces of fabric, such as old napkins, wash cloths, remnants
  • 1 doll-sized baby bottle and/or a small plastic container “water dish”
  • 1 – 3 oz. of dry cereal

How To Play

  • Setting up an independent play experience for your child will need a little help from you at the beginning. Here are suggestions to help your toddler start his zoo:
    • Set out your toddler’s collection of stuffed and plastic animals combined with various sized containers to use as cages or animal “homes.”
    • Include a container filled with fabric pieces that can be used for animal beds.
    • You can also provide a doll-sized baby bottle or water dish and a small container of dry cereal so that your toddler can feed the baby animals.
    • You can introduce the care and feeding of the animals by helping your child set up the zoo, deciding which box or crate best fits each animal and what they might want to eat.
    • The next time he wants to “play zoo,” set out all of the elements, and let him be the zoo keeper.
  • You can be nearby as a visitor-when he is ready to invite you!