Nature Art

What You Need

  • Small brown paper bag
  • Natural treasures, such as leaves, blades of grass, twigs, flowers*
  • Roll of clear contact paper

How To Play

  • Invite your toddler to go for a nature walk just the two of you.
  • Your stroll can be out in the backyard, around the block or in your local park.
  • Take time to stop frequently, pointing out and naming things along the way.
  • Bring along a paper bag so that you and your child can collect nature’s treasures to take home.
  • When you return home from your nature walk, you and your child can create Nature Art (see instructions below).
  • Now, help your child feel even more special by encouraging him to tell whole family about the walk you took and show off his nature art!

How To Make Itnature_art

  • Spread a piece of clear contact paper (sticky side up) on a flat surface.
  • Set out all of the treasures your child collected next to the contact paper.
  • Let your child pick up each treasure and place it on the sticky surface. Talk about each one as he chooses it.
  • Protect his nature art by placing another sheet of clear contact paper (sticky side down) over the finished art.
  • Press all the edges together to seal.

*If you want to preserve your toddler’s Nature Art, press the finished piece between two heavy books. It should take three to four weeks for the artwork to completely dry, depending upon the thickness of the items.