Nature Color Hunt

For a parent, there’s nothing like the chance to watch your kids observe the world in a new light by learning to name colors. While it’s one thing for kids to name them in a book or on a pair of flashcards, stepping outside can turn a simple lesson into not only real world experience, but also a chance to have some fun along the way. To make the process simple, we’ve created a fun activity sheet you print out and work through together. Let’s get started!


  • One Juicy Juice Color Walk activity sheet
  • A crayon or marker

Step 1.
Begin by printing out a copy of our Color Walk activity sheet. You can easily download it here.

Step 2.
Now it’s time to step outside and get started. Begin by picking out one color from the sheet and challenge your child to find it outside.

Step 3.
Once your child has located an object, use your crayon or marker to record it on your activity sheet under the designated color.

Step 4.
Continue steps 2 and 3 until you’ve finished the entire sheet. If your kiddo is getting the hang of things quickly, you can try adding in a fun challenge such as finding a flower of a certain color.

Step 5.
Once you’ve finished, hang your completed activity sheet up in a place of pride! It works great as a quick refresher to help reinforce everything your child learned!