Paper Marbling Father’s Day Card

I mustache you a question: Did you know Dad’s shaving cream can also be used to make him the perfect Father’s Day Card from the kids? It’s true! Check out how easy this cute, artsy DIY Dad’s Day Card is to make.


  • Shaving Cream
  • White Card Stock (5”x7”)
  • Food Coloring
  • Squeegee
  • Large Tray
  • Pencil and Markers
  • Glue Stick

tray containing a shaving cream can and different dyes


Grab all the supplies and set up an activity space where you and the kids can feel free to get a little messy and have a lot of fun! Shake the shaving cream bottle up, then fill your large tray with one layer of shaving cream.

tray filled with shaving cream and a separate tray with different colored dyes


Squeegee time! Parents, pretend like you’re icing a cake and flatten all that shaving cream out on the tray until it’s nice and smooth. (It looks like icing but remember, it’s shaving cream so please remind littles who may be inclined to put everything in their mouths, not to try to eat it!)

using a squeegee over tray full of shaving cream to get it flat and even


This is a good time to let your little one(s) decide what colors they want to use! Add a dab of food coloring of any color of the rainbow that they choose all around the tray, about an inch or two apart.

droppingn red dye onto a try full of shaving cream
tray filled with shaving cream and covered in different drops of food dye


Time to get artsy! Hand your little(s) an unsharpened pencil and let them swirl those colors to their heart’s delight. Once they’re happy with their colorful masterpiece you’re going to take your 5”x7” white card stock and press it gently onto the top of the marbled shaving cream.

little girl using a pencil to create design in shaving cream with colored dyes for paper marbling
Little girl with parent using a pencil to create designs in shaving cream and dye


As noted above, transfer your little(s) colorful work of art onto card stock by gently pressing the paper flush against the top of the marbled shaving cream. Lift the card stock away and wipe off any excess shaving cream before laying out to dry. If you’d like to add any fun shapes to your final card you can cut those out in separate pieces of card stock and glue to your full sheet once they’re all dry.

tray with shaving cream and colored dyes smeared around into a design
shaving cream and dye marbled paper in different patterns and colors


Once everything has dried, use your markers to write something nice for Dad on either side of the card and give it to him on Father’s Day to show him he’s truly the best Dad ever!

Paper Marbled fathers day cards in different patterns and colors
Daughter sitting on her father's lap giving him his paper marbled father's day card.