Positivity Rock Activity

Turn ordinary rocks into rock-stars! This activity is a beautiful way to show your little ones the power of kind words and positive thoughts. Get inspired and paint some positivity onto the rocks in your own backyard!


  • Small smooth rocks
  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Palette
  • Scrap paper to work on

All of the positivity rock activity supplies. Including small smooth rocks, paints on the palette, assorment of brushes, and some scrap paper


Wow you collected some amazing rocks! Before you start painting, why don’t you sort through them and decide if any would work especially well as one thing or another. For example, if you have a very round rock – maybe this would look awesome as an orange, or a flatter, longer one might be perfect for a special message of positivity.

Once you’ve sorted go ahead and start painting!

Rocks painted different colors


You may need a few layers of paint on each rock to make sure the color comes out nice and bright! Make sure to let the first layer of paint dry before adding another. The same goes if you’re adding a special message, let the base layer dry before writing any words on top.

Need some inspiration for fun messages? We’re so glad! Here are some ideas to play with:

  • You Rock
  • Smile
  • Find Yourself
  • Be Yourself
  • Shine Bright

Once you’re done painting, lay your rocks out to dry completely.

Young girls decorating their rocks and drinking Juicy Juice
Young girls decorating their rocks and drinking Juicy Juice


One of the best parts of this activity is finding a special place to put your Positivity Rocks once you’ve finished making them. Will you place them by a window indoors? Put them in the garden outback? Or maybe take a special trip to the park and leave them along a path for others to find and enjoy? It’s up to you!

Finished activity with a bunch of painted rocks saying things like you rock, or painted as fruits
Young standing outside with their painted rocks