Pumpkin & Spider Bookmarks

Add some extra fun to reading time with these cute Halloween-themed bookmarks. They’re guaranteed to put a smile on your young reader’s face!


  • Markers
  • Orange and black construction paper
  • Wide craft sticks
  • Googly eyes
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • Child-safe scissors
  • Child-safe glue stick

Step 1:

First cut an oval out of the orange construction paper, be sure to leave room at the top to color in the stem later. This will be your pumpkin. Next, cut a circle out of your black construction paper, this will be your spider. Then, using your scissors, cut 3 pipe cleaners in half for your spider’s legs. Don’t worry about making your cutouts perfect!

Step 2:

Take your orange circle and use a black marker to draw some silly Jack-o-Lantern faces. Don’t forget to color your pumpkin stem in with a green marker! Then take your black paper circle and glue three of your cut up pipe cleaners on either side, followed by some googly eyes in the middle.

Step 3:

With your glue stick, glue your paper pumpkin and black spider onto your craft stick. Wait a few minutes to let them dry.

Step 4

Now your little one can enjoy their spooky bookmarks between the pages of their favorite books! You can repeat these steps as many times as you want and make more bookmarks.