Recycle Monster

Your kids will never look at recycling the same way after making their very own “recycle monster.” These hungry paper bag creatures are the perfect wastebasket for recyclable scraps that you can store in a playroom, bedroom or even the kitchen. Best of all, they are very simple to make. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Gather your materials. You’ll need two paper grocery bags, a glue stick, childproof safety scissors and construction paper.

  1. Cut out “eyes” and “teeth” from your construction paper. Then, cut out a circle in one of the bags. This circle should be somewhat close to the bottom of the bag and farther from the handles. This will be the monster’s “mouth.” Glue on the eyes and teeth. Make sure to leave some space in between the top and bottom of the teeth. This is where the paper scraps will go.


  1. Glue the edges of the two bags together. Use the glue liberally to make sure the monster stands upright. Once complete, use the monster as a recycling receptacle. When it becomes full, simply recycle the entire monster with the scraps inside!