Sock Puppet Craft

Give the lonely sock that’s missing its pair a new life – as a cute Sock Puppet! Kids will love making their sock puppet character and then putting on a puppet show for even more fun!


  • A sock
  • Felt Material
  • Googly eyes
  • Craft pipe cleaners
  • Pom poms
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

craft supplies including a sock, felt material, googly eyes, craft pipe cleaners, pom poms, scissors, hot glue gun.


Let’s get our sock puppet faces ready! Use your scissors to cut out a tongue shape from your felt material. Then glue your googly eyes to the pom pom balls to make those eyes POP!

Crafting: Cutting a tongue shape from felt material and gluing googly eyes to pom pom balls.


How about a gorgeous head of hair for your sock puppet? Wrap your craft pipe cleaner around a finger to give it a spiral effect.

Creating beautiful hair for your sock puppet: Forming a spiral effect with a craft pipe cleaner wrapped around a finger.


We’re ready to start turning our socks into real puppets! Glue your red felt material tongue to the part of the sock that will become the mouth.

Felt tongues glued to socks


Now bring your character to life! Glue your eyes, nose, and hair to the sock puppet. Get as creative as you like. Maybe your puppet has freckles, glasses, or three eyes instead of two.

Make sure the glue is completely dry before playing with your puppet.

Bringing your sock puppet character to life: Decorating with eyes, nose, and hair, adding unique creative details. Ensure glue is fully dried before puppet play


Your sock puppets are ready to play with! Encourage imaginative play by asking your little ones to put on a puppet show with their new sock puppets.

young ones playing with sock puppets
sock puppets drinking Juicy Juice