Spinning Seasons Plate

Watching the seasons turn can be magical for kids and for parents there’s a great opportunity to turn this natural phenomenon into a teachable moment. With this delightful spinner craft, you’ll be able to teach your little ones the four seasons, how they cycle and even remind them that when winter’s here, spring is just a little turn away!


  1. Two paper plates
  2. Construction paper in 4 different colors
  3. Markers
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue
  6. Pin with a pin back
  7. (Optional) Stickers to decorate

Step 1.
Begin by using your scissors to cut the outer edge off of a paper plate leaving behind a flat, paper circle. Parents, be sure to help your kids while using the scissors!

Step 2.
Use your marker to divide your cut plate into four equal sections. Label these sections with spring, summer, fall and winter.

Step 3.
Take one sheet of your colored paper and put glue onto one of its corners.

Step 4.
Now, carefully place your glued paper onto one quadrant of your paper plate. Be careful to align the edge of the paper with the lines you drew in step 2. Once the paper is attached, use your scissors to cut off the excess paper.

Step 5.
Repeat step 4 for the 3 remaining sections of your plate. Be sure to match the color of each sheet of paper to the season you would like them to represent.

Step 6.
Now it’s time to label each season and decorate them how you’d like. One great option is to pick a memorable symbol for each season so that your little ones can easily understand what each one represents. Afterwards, write down the three months that fall during each season along the edge of your spinner. Begin by writing “January” on the right-most edge of your winter month, then work around the spinner moving clockwise to add the remaining 11 months.

Step 7.
Now, use a fun pin with a pin back to attach your decorated plate to the bottom of another plate. Now, as you rotate the spinner throughout the year to track the months, your little ones can see what season it currently is and how many months until a new season begins.