Splashers School Pouch

Back to school is just around the corner and so are the weeknight shopping sprees for school supplies. All moms can commiserate with each other about the long lines, speeding carts and endless stacks of folders. As fun as it is to shop for supplies with the little ones, we have a craft that you can make while relaxing once you’re back at home.

Step 1: Gather your materials. You will need: four Juicy Juice™ Splashers™ pouches; a bottle of strong, non-toxic adhesive; a zipper; and six binder clips.
JJ_Splashers_Pencil_Case_1Step 2: Cut a slit horizontally in the silver colored bottom region beneath each Splashers pouch. Rinse each Splashers pouch with warm soapy water and let dry for thirty minutes. Flatten the empty Splashers pouches by hand and apply glue on the right side of two of the pouches. Take each of the two remaining pouches and press each one firmly over the side with glue on it. Press your hand with medium pressure for about thirty seconds and then attach binder clips to the top and the bottom of the connected pouches. Wait twenty minutes to fully dry.
Step 3: Once the two sides of your Splashers pencil pouch have dried, it’s time to attach the zipper. Lay the two sides of your Splashers pencil pouch so that the tops of the two sides are facing each other. With the zipper facing up, apply a long, steady trail of glue on each side. Next, firmly press the tops of the pouches onto the zipper where the glue was applied. Place a heavy, flat object like a book on top of the zipper to ensure a secure bond.
JJ_Splashers_Pencil_Case_3Step 4: Once the zipper is secure, flip your craft over and apply glue along the edges of your Splashers Pencil Pouch (each edge except the zipper edge). Carefully fold the two sides of your Splashers Pencil Pouch together so that they meet. While pressing firmly with your hands, clip on all six binder clips to keep them spaced evenly around the outer edges of your pouch.
JJ_Splashers_Pencil_Case_4Wait twenty minutes for the glue to dry and voilà! Your little one will be the talk of the classroom with the most unique pencil pouch around. Let them pick which supplies they want to toss in and show off!