Spooky Juice Box Ghosts

Spooky Juice Box Ghosts

Make things even spookier around the house this Halloween by creating these ghosts from empty juice boxes and just a few materials!

White crepe streamers

Juicy Juice boxes (emptied and dried)

White paint
Paint brushes

Construction paper (black and white)

White string


Step One
Gather your materials!

Step Two
Grab your juice box! Then, take the bottom of your juice box and unfold it. Bend the edges outward so they form a skirt for the bottom of your ghost then paint it white. 


Step Three

Next, cut your ghostly eyes and mouth out of your black construction paper. Glue them to the front of your ghost.


Step Four
Now it’s time to grab your crepe streamers. Cut them into 2-3-inch sections. Then, take some tape and tape them along the inside of your ghost’s flaps. Cut a length of string about three inches long. Then, make a knot with the open ends of your string and tape it to the top of your ghost!

Ta-da! Now you’re ready to hang your ghosts around the house and make this season even spookier!