Spring Yarn Bouquet

Whether they came straight out of your garden or they were hand made, there’s nothing quite like the joy of receiving flowers from your little ones! With this fun craft, you can help your kids turn that delightful moment into a keepsake you can always treasure.

Step 1: Gather your materials. You will need a fork, a ball of your favorite colored string, a pair of scissors, and green pipe cleaners.

Step 2: Place your green pipe cleaner along the length of your fork’s prongs so that approximately 3 inches extend towards the handle. Next, begin wrapping your string around the fork and the pipe cleaner almost as if you’re rolling up a big piece of spaghetti.

Step 3: Once you’ve covered most of the fork, snip the string at a point close to the prongs. Next, twist the short end of your pipe cleaner all the way around its longer end to hold your string in place.

Step 4: Continue wrapping the entire short end of your pipe cleaner tightly around the longer end. Try to keep it as close to the string as possible to replicate the shape of a real flower’s stem. Once you’ve finished, slide your string and pipe cleaner off of the fork.

Step 5: Finally, cut your string in half by positioning your scissors in the center of each loop. Then, just spread the strings out to resemble a beautiful flower!

Step 6: Now, just replicate the steps above to create a complete bouquet of wonderful flowers. You can even try different colors of string to add even more juicy fun to your creation! Once you’re finished, don’t forget to reward your hard working little ones with their favorite Juicy Juice® box!