St. Patricks Day Creature

If you’re looking for a cute St. Patrick’s Day activity to do with your kids then you’re in luck! Let the fun grow with our St. Patty’s Day Creature craft!


  • Juicy Juice Box (6.75 oz)
  • Construction Paper
  • Googly Eyes
  • Shamrock Stickers
  • Green Buttons
  • Wheatgrass Seeds (or fully grown Wheatgrass)
  • Soil
  • Scissors (adult assistance)
  • Glue Stick

All of the St. Patricks day creature supplies. Including a Juicy Juice Box (6.75 oz), Construction Paper, Googly Eyes, Shamrock Stickers, Green Buttons, Wheatgrass Seeds (or fully grown Wheatgrass), Soil, Scissors, and a Glue Stick.


The best part of this first step is you get to drink your box of Juicy Juice! Make sure your juice box is completely empty, clean and dry! Now let’s go ahead and cut the top off of the box. Then, cut out strips of green construction paper to wrap around the box. Fasten the green construction paper at the back of the box with glue or tape.

Cut green construction paper wrapped around juicy juicy box


Let your little leprechauns decorate their juice box however they like! Having some googly eyes and St. Patrick’s Day themed stickers can really make this part of the activity so much fun, but anything you have on hand to decorate works great!

Young girls decorating their juicy juice boxes as creatures with the supplies

Two finished st patricks day creatures unique and decorated with googly eyes, stickers, green construction paper and more


Now that you’ve brought your Creatures to life by decorating, let’s do some planting! This craft allows for the opportunity to plant fully grown wheatgrass or wheatgrass seeds. If you’ve opted to plant your own seeds, then please take the necessary steps to help them sprout and grow!

Young girls adding soil and wheat grass seads to the creatures

Young girls showing off their creatures with the long weatgrass growing out of them


Whether you started with fully grown wheatgrass or grew your own, the last step is to give your Creature an awesome haircut! Looking good!

Have a happy and healthy St. Patrick’s Day!

young girls trimming the wheat grass hair from their creatures
Final creatures with crazy wheatgrass haircuts