Summer Activity Picker

Now that school’s out, we’re all looking for special ways to create some memorable summer fun. With so many options available it’s easy for anyone to get overwhelmed by the number of choices or to forget some of their favorites. Not to mention how tough it can be to get our little ones to all agree on one activity. With this cute craft, it’ll be easy to pick a fun way to spend the day and make sure everyone gets a fair chance to pick their favorite bit of summer fun!


  • One empty, rinsed 48 oz Juicy Juice bottle
  • A selection of ribbons
  • Your favorite color of construction paper
  • Tape
  • Markers
  • A handful of popsicle sticks

Step 1.
Cover your empty Juicy Juice bottle with construction paper.

Step 2.
Decorate your bottle with fun lettering, and pom-pom balls, or any other fun things you have in the craft cupboard.

Step 3.
Pass a few popsicle sticks around and have everyone write down a favorite summer activity on each stick. Activities can range from playing in the sprinkler to a wiffle ball game, or even just having a picnic in the park. The only rule is that everyone needs to be able to get in on the fun!

Step 4.
Now place all the finished popsicle sticks into your decorated bottle. Give the bottle a good shake to ensure the sticks are evenly mixed up.

Step 5.
Now you can just remove a stick to pick your next afternoon activity! You can either place the stick back inside the bottle or set them aside to ensure that every activity gets picked. Once you’ve completely emptied the bottle, place the sticks back in to start all over!