Time Capsule

What better way for your little one to remember the school year than by creating their very own time capsule? This easy craft includes materials you might find at home and one’s your kiddo will collect throughout the school year. It’s a perfect way to store fond memories in one spot! Check out the materials below to help your child create their keepsake!


  • Mason jar
  • A “2019” school year label
  • Collected memorabilia such as:
  • Movie tickets
  • Birthday invitations
  • Report card
  • Class trip ticket
  • Photographs including your class photo
  • A 2019 School Year in Review sheet (Download available)

Step 1.
Start by creating a label that reads “2019” to mark what school year their memories are from. Slide it into the jar facing outward so it can always be seen when adding new items.

Step 2.
Next, your little one can begin adding to their jar. Throughout the year they can add anything ranging from a class photo to a movie stub. There are no limits, the more variety the better!

Step 3.
At the end of your school year, be sure to have your child fill out a “My Year in Review” sheet which is available for download. This way they can reflect on their year and see some of their top favorites from previous school years!

Step 4.
Screw the lid on and their time capsule is now ready to be displayed!