Tissue Box Dinosaur Feet

Parents know that children’s imaginations know no limits when it comes to playtime. However, the right prop can take make-believe to the next level. Once they put these adorable “dinosaur feet” on, your kids won’t ever want to take them off. Here’s how to make this craft:

  1. Gather your materials. You’ll need tissue paper cut into squares, a clean sponge, a glue stick, and two empty tissue boxes.

Tissue boxes and craft supplies

  1. Glue the tissue paper squares onto the tissue boxes until everything but the bottom side is covered. We alternated colors for a pretty effect.

Painted tissue boxes

  1. Cut the sponge into small triangles – you’ll need three for each “foot.” Glue them to what will become the front of each “foot.”

  1. Once finished, your kids can place their feet into the openings of the tissue boxes. Make sure they play carefully as they stomp around.

  1. This craft pairs nicely with “dinosaur juice,” also known as a Juicy Juice Juice Box in your children’s favorite flavor!