Turkey Day Snack Bags

Before bellies are full from a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, a light, festive snack is the perfect thing to munch on in the afternoon. This take on snack time is simple and fun for kids of all ages. Here’s how to make it:

  1. First you’ll need to grab one clear glove, markers, nontoxic kid-friendly glue, googly eyes, a rubber band and two different colored snacks of your choice. We’re using popcorn and cheddar crackers but feel free to use any two dry snacks that give your turkey contrast. Raisins and peanuts are also a great option for this crafty snack.
  2. glove1Start by filling each of the fingers with the first snack, leaving the thumb empty. Then, fill the remaining space in the glove with the second snack. Once your turkey is plumped to perfection, use a rubber band on the base of the glove to lock it in place.
  3. glove2Next, take the marker and draw a mouth on your turkey. Use a dab of glue to attach the eye and voila, the turkey is complete! Pair this snack with your kids’ favorite Juicy Juice SplashersTM product, now available in Peach Mango, Fruit Punch, Berry Lemonade and Tropical Twist.