Upcycled Juice Box Winter Village

Use your empty, thoroughly cleaned Juicy Juice boxes to create a winter wonderland! Try making houses, storefronts, snowy trees and more – it’s totally up to you! When you’re finished making your village, set it up and let it snow! For added delight cut a small hole into the back of each “building,” then take a string of twinkly lights and insert an individual bulb from the lights into each hole to make the village glow with winter wonderland magic. Here’s what you will need:

Glue sticks or glitter glue
Construction paper
Cotton balls/craft foam for fake snow
Empty Juicy Juice boxes
Red striped paper straws
Optional: Pipe cleaners

Step One

Gather your materials.

Step Two

Using tape or glue, cover your empty Juicy Juice box completely with white construction paper. Then create the windows for your house using colored construction paper!

Once your windows are created cover your houses with them! Then use glue to adhere your houses to a base. We used an 8.5 x 11 piece of cardboard wrapped in white construction paper as our base.

Step Three

Now its time to create your Christmas trees for your winter wonderland! Take one of your red striped paper straws and cut it in half. Then cut a piece of green construction paper in half, take a 4 inch strip of it and wrap it around the cut straw.

Step Four

Repeat step three to add another layer for your tree. Then follow this process to make a few more trees and add them to your base.

Don’t forget to add holiday décor for your winter village such as fake snow and glitter!