Valentine Heart Mosaic


  • Construction paper
  • Old magazines or catalogs
  • Scissors
  • Glue

HOW TO DO ITtips_mosaic

Cut a piece of construction paper to the size you want. We used about a square foot (12″ x 12″). Use poster board for a more sturdy background.

Draw a heart near the center of the board. To get a perfect heart, we folded a piece of construction paper in half and cut out half a heart. We then traced around the heart onto our construction paper

Draw 3 lines from the edge of the heart to the edge of the piece of construction paper to divide the background into sections. You can draw more lines for more sections if you would like.

Tear out strips of magazine pages that have mostly color and very little text. Make the squares by tearing small pieces from the strips. Keep alike colors together.

Apply glue to the back of the magazine square pieces. Place each piece on the construction paper. Glue in the background squares in first. Complete one color set at a time. Fill in your heart with red squares last.