Valentine’s Love Bots

We’ve got the perfect craft idea for you and your little sweethearts to do this Valentine’s Day! Consider making these super fun Valentine’s love bots! Here’s what you’ll need:

Googly eyes
Pipe cleaners
Valentine’s Day decorations such as hearts
2-5 used 6.75 oz Juicy Juice boxes
Valentine’s Day gift wrap

Step 1

Wrap your empty juice box in Valentine’s Day gift wrap using glue or tape.

Step 2

Then use glue to adhere your robot’s eyes in place.

Step 3

Now it’s time for the arms! Use glue or tape to adhere your robot’s arms (pipe cleaners) in place.

Step 4

Continue to bring your robot to life by using tape or glue to add another pipe cleaner to the top of the robot’s head.

Step 5

Use a marker to draw your robot’s mouth.

Step 6

Decorate with the supplies of your choice! We chose to use red, white and pink hearts.

Feel free to repeat these 5 steps at least once or twice to create a robot family!