Vampire Bats

Vampire Bats

Are you ready for a spooky Halloween? If you’re not, that’s okay because our Juicy Juice Vampire Bats will help you prepare for a fun and hopefully haunt free night! All you need are some everyday craft supplies and you’ll be ready to go!


Construction paper (black and white)
Juicy Juice boxes (emptied and dried)

Newspaper or table cloth
Black paint

Paint brush
Googly eyes (any size, as long as they stay on the Juicy Juice box)


Step One
Gather your materials!

Step Two
Lay down your newspaper or table cloth as a protective layer. Next, grab your Juicy Juice box and pop the side flaps at the top of the box. Many children already love to do this while they’re drinking Juicy Juice, so you may be very familiar with this. These flaps will serve as your bat’s ears. After that, paint your entire juice box black.

 Step Three
Grab your white and black construction paper. Trace a pair of sharp vampire teeth onto your white construction paper. Then, trace a pair of bat wings on your black construction paper, making sure you also draw tabs for gluing them onto the sides of your Juicy Juice box. When you are satisfied with both sets, cut them out.

Step Four
Once your Juicy Juice box has dried, you can glue on those wings and teeth. Next, grab your two googly eyes and mark spots for them on your box. Glue them into place and let your vampire bat dry before showing it off!

All done! These bats are ready to have some fun!