Water Balloon Yo-Yo

With National Yo-Yo Day in full swing, we’ve got the perfect craft for your little one to bounce around. Just grab a few items from around the house and your child can spring into fun in just a few minutes.

Water balloons in several different colors
Set of six rubber bands in fun colors

Step 1: Grab your bag of water balloons and pick out your favorite colors. Each little one should choose about three, so when one breaks, they’ll have backups!

Step 2: Select your favorite color rubber bands. You can try to match each balloon with each corresponding rubber band color or you can mix and match! We went with the mix and match route.

Step 3: Begin linking your rubber bands together to create a long and springy string. Be sure to leave the final rubber band as a large loop so that your child has a handle to grab hold of.

Step 4: Fill your water balloons about halfway full so that they have some weight but aren’t overfilled. Next, knot the end of the balloon to ensure that the water inside can’t leak out. Complete your yo-yo by tying one side of your rubber band string around the knotted end of your water balloon. Now, just let your child grab the other end of the rubber band string and bounce the day away! Keep in mind that this is an outdoor activity, as water balloons can break—and when they do, it’s a refreshing little splash on a hot summer day!