Monkeying Around

No one loves bananas more than monkeys, aside from your little ones, that is! Put a smile on their faces with this merry little monkey super-simple snack hack. If included in their lunchbox, it will be the talk of the lunch table.

Step 1: Gather your materials. You will need a banana, one sheet of yellow construction paper, one sheet of brown construction paper, a washable glue stick and our downloadable template to print your monkey cut-out here.

Step 2: Print the monkey design template on both the yellow and the brown construction paper. Print out the tummy, face and paw template on the yellow construction paper. On the tail of the monkey draw a swirl with your marker. Use safety scissors and help your little one cut out all the shapes.
monkey2Step 3: Now it’s time to assemble your monkey. Apply glue to the yellow pieces which will become your monkey’s face, tummy and paws. Then glue them to the corresponding parts of the monkey.
monkey3Step 4: Cut along the black line you drew to make your monkey’s tail. Stretch out the tail and Begin wrapping it up the banana. When your monkey makes it to the top, simply glue his bottom paws together around the banana so he has a firm hold. Don’t forget to include a Juicy Juice® juice box to wash it all down!


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