Make Your Own Bubble Blowers

When the air is warm and everyone’s ready to play, there’s just nothing like that simple joy of blowing bubbles. As any parent knows, there’s just one problem with this—not enough bubble blowers to go around. Luckily, we’ve found the

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Neighborhood Not-So-Scary Soirée

A great way to bring the neighborhood together on the season’s most frightening night is to throw a simple pre- trick-or-treating potluck and play! Before the youngins make the rounds door to door and the candy bowls are all empty,

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Backyard Bowling Alley

Turn your slip and slide or driveway into a bowling alley.  All you need are 10 empty Juicy Juice bottles, paint and water.  The easiest and cleanest way to paint these is by pouring a few drops of paint into

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Bug Scavenger Hunt

A bug hunt is great because it allows little learners the opportunity to explore nature anywhere outside and creates a foundation for science skills. A simple bug hunt is also great way to learn together. In addition to searching for

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Plan a Park or Playground Crawl

No matter the age of your kiddos, no one can resist the lure of an open field or well-placed cluster of swings, slides and seesaws. Take a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and hit several parks or

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