20-Minute Thanksgiving Memory Makers with the Family

As your family and friends come together for hugs, laughter, and favorite foods, it’s the ideal time to create a new Thanksgiving tradition. Easy does it, though! The secret to simplicity is sparking young imaginations and allowing the kids to run with it. Invest 20 minutes of your time and let the kids do the rest.

Consider these super-simple ideas as you inspire new traditions at your house:

Add a Creative Touch
 – Skip picture-perfect table settings and purchase inexpensive paper goods and seasonal craft supplies such as stickers, foam letters, and feathers. Then have kids craft custom place cards. Or get the whole family in on the fun of making an autographed tablecloth!

Get In The Know – 
If you’re into education, ask kids to make a “Who’s Who in History?” game. They can use the Internet to download images of historical figures and mount them on 5 x 7 precut card stock. Have family members of all ages guess who the people are and discuss why they are thankful for what these individuals have done.

Help Kids Connect
 – Experience the warmth of a good deed at your get-together by asking everyone to bring a food item or gift. Then assemble a gift basket for a local family or create a care package for troops or volunteers overseas.

Put Family First
 – Add memories and laughs with a family trivia contest. If your family’s scattered far and wide, make a high-tech connection. Older kids can create a play-by-play video greeting for loved ones who couldn’t make it to the feast. Email or upload it to a social networking or movie-sharing site.

Be a Good Sport
 – Make plans to gather everybody on the lawn for a game of flag football (or kickball, soccer, or volleyball) after the meal. Family games are an ideal way to stay fit, bond with the kids, and sneak in a few lessons on good sportsmanship.