5 Best Block Party Starters

When the weather’s nice, there’s no better way to celebrate like a good ol’ fashioned block party! There’s just nothing like the chance to bring all your neighbors together and provide a little bit of extra fun for all the little ones. If you’re looking for the best ways to really get the party started, here are our 5 block party must-haves!

1. A Bouncy House
Nothing turns a get-together into a full-on carnival faster than a bouncy house. While it might seem expensive, a rental can be surprisingly affordable if you get everyone to chip in and it will be a guaranteed highlight for all the neighborhood kids!

2. Sidewalk Chalk
While you might consider chalk a solo activity, the fun is multiplied when you get everyone creating their own masterpiece. For extra fun, you can challenge neighbors to guess the artist behind each drawing. We’ve found that the results are almost always surprising!

3. Face Painting
If there’s one thing kids love, it’s the chance to have their faces painted. Whether you choose clown make-up, their favorite animal or something wholly original, a face painting station is the perfect way to get every child in the block party spirit!

4. Musical Chairs
Need to get everyone on their feet and laughing? Musical chairs is a perfect game choice. While it’s obviously a delight for the kids, a parent’s only game can be a riot too! For a little friendly competition, you could even create a trophy for the winner to pass off at the next block party.

5. A Cotton Candy Machine
There are plenty of sweet treats to enjoy during a block party, but there’s nothing quite like cotton candy. Plus, who hasn’t wanted to try their hand at making a big ball of fluffy goodness? Do yourself a favor and give this delicious treat maker a shot the next chance you get!