5 Wardrobe Must-Haves for Back-to-School

Since you’re getting ready to put away the summer clothes and beach bags it is time to focus on prepping your little one for a successful school year! Aside from squaring away their meal plans (don’t forget the Juicy Juice) and school supply list—assuring a fun and versatile wardrobe can be equally important. To make sure that your little one has all the essentials in their closet to express their own personal style this school year, we complied a list of 5 wardrobe must-haves!

1. Denim Deals

Whether animal print or colored denim—these types of jeans are always a must-have and a fun alternative to traditional jeans. There are always tons of back-to-school denim deals for kids! Once you find one use it as an opportunity to stock up.

2. Fun Sneaker Style

With a full academic school year ahead, we can expect our kids to be super busy with school trips and after school activities. Having a comfortable pair of kicks for all these activities is extremely essential! Consider buying a budget-friendly multi-color pair—this way it will be easier to match with almost everything in their closet.

3. Athletic Gear

Athletic gear doesn’t have to be exclusively for basketball practice and physical education class. Sometimes it’s a good idea for our little ones to have a comfortable track suit or a pair of sweat pants for lounging in style on the weekends with their friends. Graphic tees are a great way to make athletic wear fun!

4. Cool Coat

Don’t forget to purchase a light fall coat to get ahead of the forecast by preparing in advance for the forthcoming chilly fall mornings!

5. Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

The belts, the socks, the hats and more. Keep your little one happy by selecting the funkiest pair of socks, multi-color hats and cool belts with unique patterns! No wardrobe is complete without the necessary accessories!