5 Ways to Help your Child Focus on Homework

As parents, we know that helping your little ones with their homework can be a very difficult task. Kids spend most of the day at school, sitting at their desk and the last thing they want to do when they get home is focus on homework. Our suggestion is to have a routine to prep them before you dive into school work in order to get the best results. Here are 5 ways to help your child to focus on homework:
1. Most children sit at their desks all day long. It can be hard to be so still especially after you spent the last three months being active and running around. Let your child run around and play before tackling their homework. This way they will exert their extra energy and can calmly sit and focus on their homework.

2. Remove all distractions. Set up your child in a quiet, well-lit, clean area to do their homework. Turn off the television and occupy any younger siblings with quiet activities so that your child can focus on the homework problems in front of them.

3. Give your child a snack with some Juicy Juice so that they are not hungry and can completely focus on the task(s) at hand. Most children have lunch between 11:30 and 12:45 so by the time they come home, they may be very hungry.

4. If you find that your child has a hard time focusing while doing homework, give them a break in between each subject or homework sheet. This way you make sure that they are doing their homework with their best effort.

5. Allow your child to take responsibility for their own homework. Sit with them ahead of time and lay out all the work that needs to be completed, then sit back and only assist them when they ask for help.

There are many ways to help your child focus and each child has different needs. The list of tips can be exhausting. The best advice that we can give is to find what works best for your child and implement that into their homework plan. It may take time, but the results can be amazing! Cheers to another wonderful school year!