7 Holiday Gifts For Teachers

  • Consider a group gift
 – Ask parents in the class to donate to the “Teacher Fund” and buy a gift certificate to a movie theater, favorite restaurant or local spa facility.
  • Get the kids involved – 
Encourage the class to make a video with the help of a few parents. Each child can share what he or she loves about coming to school.
  • Give the gift of time – 
What teacher doesn’t need help from time to time? Ask parents in the class to contribute their time. For example, you can volunteer to work with a small group of kids that need extra help in a math or reading. You can offer to give a guest lecture on something you’re passionate about. You can staple homework packets, clean up after art class, chaperone a field trip – the teacher will appreciate it all! Present these helpful deeds to the teacher in a coupon book.
  • Something for the entire staff – 
If your child has a number of teachers throughout the day, think about a group gift for the school. Perhaps parents can chip in for a new microwave or coffee maker for the teacher’s lounge. Or maybe you treat them all to a nice holiday lunch delivered to the school. Let them know in advance, of course.
  • Decorations that can be used year after year
 – Encourage all the students in the class to make an ornament with their name and the date on it. The teacher can use it to decorate the classroom or her home.
  • Homemade is well loved, too – 
Making a friendship mobile using JUICY JUICE® boxes and students’ photographs will be a big hit! It’s easy to make, and teacher can use it in her classroom all year round.
  • Make it personal – 
Even the simplest gift can be enhanced with a handwritten note thanking the teacher for all he or she has done. Be specific. Notes that say such things as “Thanks to you, my son is excited about math for the first time ever,” or, “You’ve really made history come alive for my daughter,” are sure to be treasured for years to come.