A Spring Break Staycation

With spring break fast approaching, the joy of a week off from school is leading to a one question — what should we do with that free time? While relaxing around the house is always fun — and often necessary when you get a week off — spring break is the perfect time to explore and do something unique. Check out these great ideas to have an exciting spring break without having to leave your town.

Become a Patron of the Arts

With a full week free from school, why not turn everyday into a new and exciting field trip? This is the perfect time to check out those local museums you’ve always wanted to see, but just haven’t found the time to. Make sure you do a little research on each museum’s website before you head over to find out about exciting limited events or even free museum days. This is the perfect way to ensure that your kids not only have fun on their time off, but learn something too!

Eat in the Great Outdoors

When you don’t have to be at school all day, there’s nothing like enjoying a tasty lunch and your favorite Juicy Juice box in the fresh air! There’s no shortage of great places to enjoy a meal with a view. As parents, we love these special moments to really connect with our kids that we miss out on when they’re at school. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to whip up your favorite lunch foods like our apple coleslaw or almond butter bites!

Have an At-Home Movie Night

While movie theaters are great, for a kid, the best movies are the ones you watch from the comfort of your very own pillow fort. Spring break is the perfect time to go all-out and have the parents get in on the fun! After all, nothing blows a kid’s mind like seeing mom and dad break out their pro-level pillow fort skills. Then, once everyone has gotten nice and snuggly, it’s time to watch some of your favorite films. Just don’t forget the popcorn and the Juicy Juice!